Providing Comfort and Support for your Equine Partner

Our Process

Our stall mats are rented for a flat rate, per stall, for the length of the show.  For this reason, rates will vary according to the length of the show, however, our rates are very reasonable and on average equal out to about the cost of a bag of shavings per day of the show. The best part is that we do the work for you! Thats right, after you put your order in for stall mats we will have the stalls matted for you when you arrive. After you're done at the show simply load up and go. We will retrieve the mats, and most importantly, they will be washed, disinfected, and sanitized in preparation for the next show. Utilizing our service will help reduce the amount of bedding necessary and will help safe guard your horse from those nasty bumps, bruises, and hock rubs that can occur while stalled on the cement. Our entire mission is to keep your horse safe, sound, and comfortable while it is on our mats. Lets face it, we all spend a lot of money to keep our show horses ready to show, so why let them be uncomfortable in their stalls on game day!

Why Choose Showtime Stall Mats

Maintain Health

The daily rigors of showing take their toll on our equine partners joints and soft tissue. Help relieve this strain by letting us provide them with some of the finest stall mats on the market!

Provide Comfort

A well rested horse is a happy horse. Don't forget that a horses down time in the stall plays a vital role in their performance in the ring. Give them a comfortable stall mat and help them rest well.

Improve Performance

The combination of soundness and comfort provided by a quality stall mat is vital. The end result is improved performance in the ring. This, along with fact that less bedding is usually needed when mats are present, helps give you more value for your horse show dollars!

Install and Clean Up

Getting mats in and out of your stalls doesn't get any easier than this, because we do the work for you! Included in the rental price is the installation and removal of the mats by our hard working, qualified staff. Once you have completed your order we will take care of the rest. This way you AND your horse can rest easier!!