About Us

Showtime Stall Mats is a company that specializes in providing quality comfort and support for your equine partner. Being full time equine professionals ourselves, we know the wear and tear that the rigors of the show season can put on your quality show animals. For this reason, we decided to start a company who’s soul purpose is to provide top quality show mats for the shows that are held in venues where the stalls are on hard ground, concrete and or blacktop.

Our stall mats are made from top of the line, 7/8” thick, EVA foam rubber to provide both strength and traction. These mats come in 3 ft wide, by 4ft long sections and are interlocking on all four sides for a tight, locked-in fit. With these dimensions we can accommodate the average stall size of 10×10 or the larger 12×12 sizes and up. These features make our stall mats the perfect choice for your horse’s stall, tack rooms, grooming areas or multi-purpose rooms at your next horse show!! Showtime Stall mats are available to rent to horse showings in, and around, the upper mid-west!