Terms and Conditions

USER agrees that the mats rented from Showtime Stall Mats shall be returned in the same condition as when provided.  Only normal wear and tear by daily use shall be excepted.  Furthermore, the USER agrees to replace any, and all,  stall mats that have been damaged beyond reasonable reuse while in their possession.  Should the stall mats be missing, or not accounted for upon retrieval, USER shall be charged the cost of replacing the missing mats ($300 per stall).  USER authorizes payments from the credit card on file (card used to make rental payment) to cover the cost of replacing the damaged or missing stall mats. In order to avoid a missing stall mat fee, should the stall mats be moved from the stall where they have initially been installed, USER must notify Showtime Stall Mats via phone, text, or email (showtimestallmats@gmail.com).

Stall Mats are rented and in your possession, any damage, theft, loss, or failure to account is your responsibility. Only upon notification and release of responsibility by calling/texting Showtime Stall Mat Rentals does your responsibility end.

If a refund is requested we are happy to accommodate unless the stall mats have already been installed for the event.  If a refund is processed, it will be less the transaction fee.

You must agree to these terms and conditions to complete the order.